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What is Active Care?

There are two types of care you can receive from a health care provider, passive care or active care. Passive care is relying on an outside source, passively, to feel better. Some examples of passive care are medications, ice or heat, surgery and chiropractic adjustments. While active care is a mode of treatment requiring “active” involvement, participation and responsibility on your part. Some examples of active care are aerobic exercise, muscle strengthening and stretching, good nutrition, positive mental attitude, good posture and a healthy lifestyle.
The most recent government guidelines state that the earlier an injured person begins active care, the quicker results are obtained. Dr. Merriel will incorporate active care into your treatment plan as soon as you are ready. Active care at Blue Skies Chiropractic includes cardiovascular activity, stabilization exercises, sensorimotor activities, stretching, nutritional advice and stress management techniques.