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Chiropractic Rehabilitation

Chiropractic rehabilitation is a conservative approach to caring for people with neuromusculoskeletal injuries (injury to the nerves, muscles, joints or ligaments), including the spine and other joints of the body such as the knee or shoulder. Chiropractic rehabilitation is an exciting blend of chiropractic care and physical therapy, which focuses on improving the function of the neuromusculoskeletal system to heal and/ or prevent injuries, decrease pain and also give a competitive edge in sport. Athletes, laborers, office workers, accident victims or anyone performing repetitive tasks can benefit from chiropractic rehabilitation’s active care approach.
Chiropractic rehabilitation is in a league of its own in the treatment of neck and back pain. The key to successfully recover from a neck or back injury and making sure it doesn’t return is in following an appropriate treatment and exercise program tailored specifically to your needs. At Blue Skies Chiropractic, Dr. Merriel develops each treatment program to improve muscular endurance, coordination, balance, strength and flexibility where you need it the most. Through chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue techniques like Active Release Therapy, and therapeutic exercise plans, Dr. Merriel strives to decrease your pain and get you back to your active lifestyle as quickly as possible.